Molinia caerula

Why you should have grasses in your garden

OK I know they are not everyone’s cup of tea but they could be. If you use the right grasses in the right combinations you can have a wonderful border that keeps getting better as the seasons progress, by now the grasses are golden and silvery and the perennials are flowering or just going over with lovely decorative seedheads still to come. During the winter these structures will become frosted and beautiful.

My favourite grass is Stipa tennuissima, a low growing grass – light and delicate, and a gorgeous companion for many perennials (and annuals) Lovely with Gaura linheimeri or with Echinacea sp. Stipas prefer a well-drained soil in a sunny site. In heavy soils try Molinia caerulea with Astrantia ‘Hadspen Blood’.

Molinia caerula

Will only get better…

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