Garden Design

The design process begins with a consultation (f.o.c.) leading to design plans and maybe other drawings, building of the garden and planting of the garden. Prices will vary depending on the complexity and size of the garden and which services are required. For consultation and design only for a small to medium, fairly simple garden (i.e. level) prices will start from £500.

N.B. for complex sites a surveyor will be required to carry out a survey.

Border Creation

Many people neither need nor want their whole garden redesigned, but may require some help with planting. Plants and borders link elements and features of the garden but it can be difficult to get right, and to use the right plants in the right place for the right effect. I offer both a planning only service which consists of a consultation and plan, and a full border creation service which would also include creating and planting the border(s).


For those clients who wish to overhaul their gardens themselves in their own time I am happy to offer a consultation only service,

prices start from £30p/h which covers the face to face consultation and a subsequent report.

(mileage may also be payable)

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