bee orchid


Mowing regimes are well underway in the garden now, although this hot dry spring followed by this wet spell will have upset most routines. Perhaps it is worth considering a ’no mow’ regime instead, the benefits are many – less work for a start, but more important is the benefit to wildlife. A beautifully mown lawn is a joy to behold but is a wildlife desert, whereas areas of unmown grass will support many insect species.

These areas need not be large; we can’t all have large flowering meadows as part of our grand estate! However they can be attractive, I have an area of front garden that is difficult to utilise and have mown a spiral in the long grass. Many wild flowers have flourished and I have added a few plugs to help it along. I was very lucky last year when bee orchids made an appearance – if I had been mowing the whole area they would never have appeared.

bee orchid

treasures in the grass

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