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Planting Design Workshops are now running at The Slade Centre, the first of which will be running on 18th – 19th April from 9.30 – 4.30. This is a practical,

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Instant Cottage Garden

This garden has been some time in the making as the cottage required extensive work! but it is now complete and planted - a very simple garden but abundant planting

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Granny’s bonnet

A quintessential cottage garden plant which if you are lucky seeds around and produces lots of interesting offspring. Cultivars grown in isolation generally come true from seed but for a

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simple knot design for a herb garden

Design a herb garden

I love gardens that are billowing with flowers and foliage, creating a wonderful tapestry of colour, form and texture. However, I also like all this abundance to be contained within

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Autumn colour

Autumn colour, aesthetically one of the best sights in autumn – brilliant red acers and butter yellow hazels, but it all happens for a reason. Leaves are green because they

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bee orchid


Mowing regimes are well underway in the garden now, although this hot dry spring followed by this wet spell will have upset most routines. Perhaps it is worth considering a

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