Chimonanthus praecox


The usual suspects can be found now in garden centres, by which I mean the winter/spring flowering shrubs. Most of these have the added bonus of being fragrant – trying harder to attract the few insects around at this time of the year?
My favourites are Hamamelis – witch hazel, and Chimonanthus – wintersweet. Still to come but not so far away, is my all-time favourite, Viburnum Carlesii – makes me swoon, the most heavenly scent.
When choosing plants for the garden pick those that earn their place – offer more than one feature. For example fragrance and looks, autumn colour and spring flowers or when using plants for a purpose i.e. screening select those that offer another interest, for instance mixed species hedging for increased bio diversity or fragrant honeysuckle on a trellis  – these lists are endless!

Chimonanthus praecox


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